Building a connected nesting box network. Part 4

After we got the breadboard prototype running it was time to choose an enclosure and design a PCB to get everything together. For the board we choose not getting bigger as 10x10cm to keep costs down.

The enclosure

We searched for a waterproof enclosure which should house booth the solar charging regulator and the pcb. This project box turned out as a perfect fit.



The PCB was designed to fit into the enclosure and hold most of the components from the breadboard. It was designed in KiCAD and ordered on smart-prototyping.

This was the first PCB designed by me, but it turned out very well.

Some pictures of the finished nodes in the boxes

Note that on the last 2 pictures the RPi box is on the lower right side. It’s basically the same PCB repurposed. Instead of a pluged in Arduino pro mini its connected through jumper wires to the GPIO.

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3 Responses to Building a connected nesting box network. Part 4

  1. WilliamOr says:

    This is one awesome post.Really thank you! Fantastic. Girbach

  2. han shin thant says:

    hello,i use two nrf pa+lna module with arduino.But connection are correct and the transmitter does not transmit.please help me

    • Oitzu says:

      do you mean two nrf pa+lna modules on one arduino board?
      As i don’t expect that:
      Are you using the same module on both sides?
      If you use the RF24 library: Do the output of “printDetails” look good on both sides?

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