Fixing ISP W-LAN security

A few days ago my ISP Unitymedia informed me that they will activate a hotspot on the router provided by them. Receiving this letter triggered some red security alert in my brain. So i called the customer support if there is any possibility of seeing the used configuration, current users or anything else on my router. Answer: “No, there isn’t”. Also, i raised concerns about the implications they give in the letter like: “There will be no¬†limitation in your surfspeed, because public hotspot users don’t share the bandwidth with you”. My concern was, that it may be true and doable that the public users don’t share my internet bandwidth but it is technical impossible that my W-LAN will work at full speed with that many users. Answer: “Don’t care that much, everything will be fine, time will tell”.

Clearly that wasn’t a satisfying situation or answer and i needed to do something. Unfortunately there is currently no way to legally manipulate the software or the hardware on the craphardware (TC7200) unitymedia force me to use.

So i came up with pretty lowtech solution to this problem. I present to you:

The ultimate W-LAN Security Device

2016-06-01 19.52.00

(Patent pending)


Stick one thing in the other. If you not know how to do this, ask your dad. ;)

Come one, even the average service technican could do that.

Come on, even the average service technican could do that.


Build pictures

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  1. Joe Kerr says:

    Lowtech > Hightech

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